Talks for download:
“I would have liked to stay with you longer,” Pope John Paul II (mp3)
25 Years of Contemplating Christ, Fr. Roger Landry (RealPlayer)
Forward with the Saints: The Pope of the Catechism, by Janine Langan (mp3)
The Pope of the Young: JP2’s “Theological Juvenology,” Fr. Roger Landry (mp3)
John Paul II and the Splendor of Truth, Fr. Joseph Koterski (mp3)
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Publications for download:
Pope John Paul II on Love & Responsibility
Freedom, Truth, Gift, Communion: JP2’s Theology of the Body
We Give Thanks: 26 Years of Service of our Holy Father, John Paul II is a project of the Love & Responsibility Foundation, Cold Spring, NY
Photo of Pope John Paul II in Ireland © L’Osservatore Romano
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